We offer intricate handmade silk and cotton textiles sourced from a community in the country of Laos, called Sop Chem.


Sop Chem is home to an incredible tradition of weaving that spans over four generations. However, despite their incredible skills, many of the dreams and aspirations of the people of Sop Chem go beyond what their current resources give them access to. Sop Chem is isolated by the majestic mountains of northern Laos and its people rely on a subsistence lifestyle. The community desires the economic, social, and educational progress that other areas of their country and much of the world are achieving each day.


We have partnered with all of Sop Chem’s 42 skilled artisans to bring you a selection of fashionable and functional accessories and to better the lives of every artisan we work with.


Through the sale of our textiles and reinvestment of 100% of our profits into a microfinance fund providing weavers with financing to grow their small businesses, we are empowering weavers to create a spark of progress for themselves and their entire community.


Join us in igniting this spark.

Find out what goes into making our 100% handmade crafts.


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